Thursday, December 6, 2007

Links on Creative Commons from their Newsletter -- celebrating 5 years

CC News:
* Wikipedia and Creative Commons next steps
* Progress on license interoperability with Wikipedia
* Help Translate CC Software
* CC in Thailand: license draft in public discussion
* German public broadcaster adopts CC license
* Making and marking public resources as such
* Two New Academic Studies of CC
* Integrated Licensing in
* New Zealand Successfully Ports Creative Commons Licenses
* "creative commons" percentage by top level domain
* Luxembourg 40th Jurisdiction to Offer Ported Creative
Commons Licenses
* Creative Commons Licenses Launch in Greece
* CC in Thailand: a debut at ComWorld

Science Commons News:
* CC, Open Access, and moral rights
* Nguyen on our Materials Transfer Work
* Neurocommons in the news

CC in Business:
* Indaba Music Adds CC-licensing
* Anepsosis Uses CC for MMMORPG Character Art
* CC+ Video
* River Rat Records
* Fedora 8 Aids CC-Search in Firefox
* Cory Doctorow on How to Use CC-Licenses
* Help develop a course on Creative Business in the Digital Era

2007 Annual Campaign News:
* Creative Commons is turning 5!
* The 50,000 friends challenge
* Let the 2nd annual CC swag photo contest begin!
* CC Launches Widget Campaign
* Red Hat Shares the Love
* 5 Ways to Grow the Commons

Congratulations, shoutouts, use cases and interesting tid-bits:
* UK: Open Rights Group @2
* Panda Punk Lab: Inauguration in Chile
* Peter Gabriel, WITNESS, and The Hub
* Alex Miroshnichenko and the Santiago Fires
* CC China Photo Contest
* LibriVox Releases 1,000th Public Domain Audio Book
* BloodSpell: first full length machinima feature released
* Happy Birthday Public Library of Science
* Thanks and congratulations to Wikimedia Commons
* TempoStand: CC Music Platform
* Taking Stock in of the Creative Commons Experiment

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Creative Commons and copyright protection in the digital era: Uses of Creative Commons licenses

Kim, M. (2007). The Creative Commons and copyright protection in the digital era: Uses of Creative Commons licenses. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 13(1), article 10.

The abstract:

As digital technology thrusts complexity upon copyright law, conflict has escalated between copyright holders desperate to institute a vigorous enforcement mechanism against copying in order to protect their ownership and others who underscore the importance of public interests in accessing and using copyrighted works. This study explores whether Creative Commons (CC) licenses are a viable solution for copyright protection in the digital era. Through a mixed-methods approach involving a web-based survey of CC licensors, a content analysis of CC-licensed works, and interviews, the study characterizes CC licensors, the ways that CC licensors produce creative works, the private interests that CC licenses serve, and the public interests that CC licenses serve. The findings suggest that the Creative Commons can alleviate some of the problems caused by the copyright conflict.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Survey Closed

I have officially closed all the survey collectors. I've also finished all the interviews and begun transcribing them. Thus far, I have two transcribed and five to go. I am now going to download and print off the survey data for beginning analysis.